2017 Academia Sinica Data Science Seed Grant Program

Academia Sinica (AS) now accepts research proposals for the 2017 Data Science Seed Grant Program. Applicants should submit their applications by April 10, 2017. Any application beyond the deadline will not be considered.

1. The program office will form an interdisciplinary review committee to evaluate all the applications submitted by the deadline, with the evaluation criteria mainly on innovation and impact. The 2017 Academia Sinica Data Science Seed Grant Program seeks the following types of proposals:

  • Methodological Research: Data science methodology improvement
    Such proposals are expected to solidify technological foundation in data science, facilitating the theory innovation, methodology development, and technical breakthroughs in the fields such as advanced statistical science, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, etc.
  • Innovative Research: Interdisciplinary applied research
    We call for interdisciplinary research using data-driven problem solving approaches. Such researches are expected to apply various types of data analytical tools, including, but not limited to machine learning and deep learning, into fields like life sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. We expect that such research proposals can introduce new problem-solving paradigms into their respective domains, especially those where data-driven approaches are not commonly seen.
  • Industrial Research: Collaboration between academia and industry
    We also call for industrial research proposals in which researchers collaborate with profit or non-profit organizations in various industries, including, but not limited to, information technology, data economy, finance and insurance, smart manufacturing, biotechnology, green energy, media, publishing, retail, logistics and education.

The PI requirements for each project are as follows:

  • A methodological Research project should be led by a sole PI.
  • A innovative Research project should be co-led by two PIs.
  • A industrial Research project should be co-led by a PI and a co-PI in industry.

Each project should be led by a PI who is a full-time or jointly appointed researcher in Academia Sinica. Except for the industrial research projects, which should have a co-PI from the collaborative organization, co-PIs should be qualified to be PIs of projects from the ministry of Science and Technology.

2. This program aims to encourage data-driven innovation and exploratory research, and thus this call does not pose any conflicts with other grant programs funded by Academia Sinica, such as Thematic Research Program, Sustainability Science Research Program, Academia Sinica Investigator Award, Career Development Award, and so on. However, a researcher cannot carry out more than one project as a PI in the Data Science Seed Grant Program.

3. Please complete the research proposal, slides, and memorandum of cooperation agreement (required only for industrial research proposals), and send the application to datasci@gate.sinica.edu.tw. We will reply to confirm the submission.

  • Research Proposal (required): Please use the template, with the main content up to two pages.Download
  • Summary Slides (required): You can either use the template or your own template, with the main content up to five slides (excluding the cover slide).Download
  • Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement (required for Industrial Research proposals): Please use the template contract (minor revision is allowed) with the partner cooperation.Download

Contact: Ms. Wen Ying Huang, Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service, Tel: 886 + 2-2789-9850; Ms. Rusi Wang, Institute of Information Science, Tel:886+2-2789-9850.

4. Interested applicants should attend one of the following information sessions:
→ 2 PM,March 14 ,2017,Room 106 of Institute of Information Science.
→ 2 PM,March 20 ,2017, 2 PM,1F Auditorium, Genomics Research Center.