Overview Talk: Data Science – Modern Computational Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

Data Science – Modern Computational Foundation of Artificial Intelligence | 莊炳湟院士, George Tech

Abstract: Scientists, engineers, and technologists have taken strong interest in replicating human intelligence through mechanical means for millenniums. An early record in China shows the existence of a humanoid constructed with simple materials such as leather, wood, paint, and glue around 1000 B.C.. Inspired by advances in biological and physiological sciences, scientists and engineers in early to mid-20th century started to contemplate computational models that mimic the human brain in hopes to create human-like intelligence. Incremental successes nonetheless came in ebb and flow over several decades until the recent appreciation of massive data. It is fair to assert that data science brings about the thick interest in machine learning and the substantial resurgence in artificial intelligence. This tutorial will try to briefly cast “artificial intelligence" in a chronological perspective and identify important technical advances and milestones in data science that have impacted the field of modern day artificial intelligence. The intent is to help construct proper understandings as well as prospects about artificial intelligence.

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